Byte Size Brilliance: Your Quick Guide of Resources to Elevate Your IT Career

Posted on Thursday 14 December 2023.

IT career

As we wrap up an incredible year of valuable insights, training courses, and events for IT professionals like you, we’ve compiled a collection of resources specifically designed to support your professional growth and development – our finest resources!

Whether you’re a tech expert, service desk guru, or business analyst, we have your back.

This is not just any content; it’s your roadmap to success in the dynamic world of IT.  

So, dive into this quick guide of resources and explore why each one is essential for your IT journey.

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    Get Ahead of the AI Curve


    In today’s IT landscape, AI and automation are real game changers. From streamlining IT service management and implementing chatbots and virtual agents to automating repetitive tasks— AI and intelligent automation are shaping the future.

    And since these technologies are going mainstream fast, it’s essential to improve your AI skills so you can lead the charge.

    Our articles, such as “5 Amazing Applications of AI in ITSM Today“, break down the real-world AI impacts and use cases. But it’s also important to address some concerns surrounding the implementation of AI in the workplace. We tackled some important ethical considerations in our piece “Five Ethical Issues of AI in the Modern Workplace.”

    By staying updated on AI and automation trends, you can position yourself as a tech-savvy professional ready to adapt to new challenges. It also gives you a competitive edge and makes you a more strategic thinker. So don’t get left behind and check out some of our content below!

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    Remote Work: Learn How to Adapt to the New Norm

    remote work

    The IT world is no longer confined to physical offices. Remote work and digital transformation have reshaped the way we operate, and our content reflects this transformation. 

    But what are the key considerations as we embrace the future of work? How could technological advancements affect IT professionals?  And what opportunities and challenges do we expect? Our research will provide some answers to these questions and more.

    Our research report, “The Future of Worklife in ITSM,” provides insights into the tech trends of the modern workplace. Through this research, we hope to offer valuable insight that helps you navigate your path towards the future.

    Remember, learning how to adapt to new work environments and effectively address digital friction is vital in ensuring a seamless remote work experience.

    Why? It will help you with optimising productivity, reducing downtime, enhancing employee experience, and ensuring you become a better leader in today’s digital era of work.

    🔗 DOWNLOAD FREE REPORT: The Future of Worklife in ITSM: Tech, trends & the human factor

    📕READ ARTICLE: How to Effectively Address Digital Friction in the Modern Workplace

    📕READ ARTICLE: Modern Leadership Styles – What Does it Mean to Be a Truly “Agile” Leader

    Learn How to Champion Customer-Centricity

    customer experience

    Improving customer and employee experience is at the core of ITSM. And delivering exceptional experiences sets the top ITSM professionals apart from the rest.

    Providing omnichannel support, proactive service, and self-service portals are essential components of enhancing the customer experience. So, it’s essential to understand how these concepts can benefit you and your organisation.

    Dive into our content and grasp the importance of delivering top-notch support. Learn how to put customers first across channels and how to become the best CX leader.

    Remember being a CX champion will make you a star player on any IT team.

    📕LEARN ABOUT: Omnichannel: How to Use it To Deliver Outstanding Customer Experience

    📕READ ARTICLE: If Proactive Customer Service Isn’t Part of Your Strategy, You’re Doing It Wrong

    📕 DISCOVER:  Questions to Ask Before (and After) Implementing an IT Self-Service Portal

    ⚡BEST PRACTICE TIPS: Building a Customer-Centric Culture: Best Practices for CX Leaders

    📘 READ GUIDE: The Chief Experience Officer’s Role in Elevating Customer Experience

    💻 WATCH ON DEMAND: Self Service Tools Demo Day – June 2023

    Master ITSM Fundamentals


    General ITSM knowledge is the foundation of your IT career. Metrics, risk management, knowledge management, and service desk best practices are essential for efficiency.

    From Mean Time to Value (MTTV), reporting tools to things you need to know about Enterprise Service Management, our content offers you valuable insights into this domain. It will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of ITSM, which is indispensable for success in this field.

    📕READ ARTICLE: The Crucial Role of Mean Time to Value (MTTV) for Service Desks

    📕READ ARTICLE: 9 Things You Need to Know About Enterprise Service Management

    💻 WATCH FREE VIRTUAL EVENT: Managing Knowledge Across the Enterprise

    💻 WATCH FREE VIRTUAL EVENT: The Service Desk’s Role in Risk Management

    💻 WATCH ON DEMAND: Dashboards & Reporting ITSM Tools Demo Day

    Stay updated on Tools & Technology

    In our fast-moving industry, it’s critical to keep up with the latest tools and technologies.

    We provide insights into the best remote support tools and answer frequently asked questions regarding their selection. Understanding the latest IT solutions, as seen in “The Best Remote Support Tools in 2023,” will empower you to make informed choices and optimise your IT environment.

    And to help you stay up to date with the latest features and fresh ideas for your service desk, don’t forget to check out our free video sessions with a wide range of ITSM solutions.

    🔗 DOWNLOAD FREE GUIDE: SDI’s Guide to Selecting a Remote Support Tool

    📕READ ARTICLE:  Choosing a Remote Support Tool – Frequently Asked Questions

    💻 WATCH ON DEMAND: ITSM Tools Demo Day – USA Timezone Edition

    Invest in Your Skills to Drive Growth


    Investing in your professional development is an investment in your future. But not only that your skills and development are critical for your career growth —it’s a direct support to the company’s goals. Remember, staying ahead of market trends ensures you’re equipped with the right skills and tools needed for success.

    So, how can you invest in your growth effectively?

    Regularly engage in training programs, attend industry conferences, and seek mentorship opportunities. Embrace a mindset of lifelong learning, and not only will you stay updated, but you’ll also be a driving force behind your company’s ongoing success. Explore SDI resources below to get started!

    📕READ ARTICLE: Breaking Down the Benefits of Skill-Based Hiring

    📕READ ARTICLE:  Rapidly Changing Technology or Low Digital Literacy?

    🔗 DOWNLOAD:  The SDI Training & Development Brochure

    👉 CHECK OUT: Training & Development Courses

    Continuous Learning is the Key

    Your IT career can soar to new heights by exploring the diverse content above. From AI and automation to customer experience, ITSM, tools and technology, to personal development, we’ve got you covered. These resources provide invaluable insights and knowledge that can help you stand out in the IT industry.

    Remember, it’s not just about the knowledge you acquire but how you apply it to solve real-world problems. Embrace these insights and strategies, and you’ll be on the path to elevating your IT career.

    Stay tuned for more engaging and informative content from us!

    📢 SDI is here to support you every step of your professional journey.

    Our goal is to provide the practical guidance you need to stay at the top of your game!

    Get in touch and let us know how we can better help you take your IT career where you want it to go.

    We’re always listening!

    Antonija Bozickovic

    Antonija Bozickovic

    Content creator at SDI



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