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SDI work with organisations all over the world to help improve specific areas of their service. We provide practical step by step advice and guidance to transform your service into a top performing service desk and support team operation.

Tried & tested improvement plans

Health Check

How 'Healthy' is your service? The Heath Check is one of our most popular support services. It's purpose is to identify areas of maturity and success, as well as areas that can be developed and improved. The Service Health Check will provide recommendations and guidance on continual improvement initiatives and provide support in decision making.

Tool Selection

Choosing, buying and implementing a new ITSM tool can be a very complex business. With so many tools available selecting the right one for your business needs and service requirements can be an extremely time-consuming and overwhelming experience. If you’re looking for advice and guidance for your tool selection project, this one’s for you.

The Customer Experience

The customer experience should play a significant role in an organisation’s overall IT strategy. SDI associates and experts know customer experience and best practice inside-out, so who better to help you design and deliver a world class experience to your customers? Update your CX strategy to see better results in a short space of time

Service Management Optimisation

Optimise your Service Management Enterprise with the Service Management Optimisation Assessment. Taking a wider view than just the ‘service desk’ we will look across the entire Service Management governance model and stack of processes. Look across the entire Enterprise to help gauge adherence to best practice and to learn how to improve underperforming areas.

Continual Improvement Roadmap

For consistent success service operations need a continual improvement strategy which reflects the organisation’s vision and adds value to all stakeholders. This plan needs to be built effectively to withstand unexpected bumps in the road. SDI’s team of experts have decades of experience helping organisation’s deliver and implement strategies aligned to the future goals of the business.

Quick Action Fast Results

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to analyse and improve on all areas of your service, but you might have a specific issue you know needs some attention. We can help you focus on what is practical and achievable in a short space of time to impact the success of your service. Just choose a focus area and we can help you start to make tangible improvements in no time.

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SDI provide global experts to support organisations in continual improvement in all areas of service management best practice. See a long list of example areas below.

Through our partner network we also provide a compelling range of consultancy and support services such as; Software asset management (SAM), process automation, peer to peer benchmarking, data analysis, team building, and so much more! 

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As well as the examples above, SDI support services can include focus areas such as:

  • The effectiveness and efficiency of the Service Desk or Support Team structure and working practices.
  • The existence, conformance and governance of policy, process and procedures.
  • Service performance targets, critical success factors and key performance indicators.
  • The effectiveness of service level agreements and operational level agreements.
  • The effectiveness of collaboration, team interaction and knowledge sharing.
  • Process definition, ownership, accountability and quality assurance.
  • The effectiveness of communication protocols.
  • The effectiveness of leadership at the Service Desk or Support Team.
  • The effectiveness of strategy, vision, mission, and stakeholder buy in.
  • The availability of dynamic service information and its use to drive continual improvement actions.
  • The effectiveness of training, knowledge and process adherence, in relation to effectively managing incident and service request lifecycles.
  • The effectiveness of the customer experience strategy and resulting customer centric culture.
  • The effectiveness of managing communication, and how that supports Relationship Management.
  • The effectiveness of defined roles and responsibilities.
  • The effectiveness of service management best practice and service orientated mindset.

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