Spark Conference 2023 in Numbers [Infographic]

Posted on Thursday 30 November 2023.

spark conference

We hosted Spark23, our annual conference, only a month ago – and it was a fantastic journey! 🎉 ✨

It was a 36-hour journey with 33 sessions and insights from 40+ speakers, to be exact. We delivered an immersive experience that crossed the borders! We welcomed 400+ ITSM professionals and enthusiasts from 29 countries around the world, including the UK, Scotland, Wales, France, Finland, the USA, Mexico, India, and beyond! 

And each session was thoughtfully curated to provide attendees with valuable insights and knowledge, providing a platform for everyone to connect, share ideas, and gain inspiration from best practices. Exciting, right?

We’ve condensed all that into one infographic, ‘Spark23 in Numbers.’ It’s essentially a snapshot of the remarkable tech gathering we had!

Ready to dive in? Check out the facts that made Spark23 unforgettable!

Antonija Bozickovic

Antonija Bozickovic

Content creator at SDI



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