happy service desk

What Does a Happy Service Desk Look Like In 2024?

Creating and maintaining a positive work environment is crucial for organisations pursuing long-term success. But when it comes to achieving a happy service desk, it’s about more than just resolving technical issues. It’s about building content and a motivated service desk team.

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applications of AI blog

5 Amazing Applications of AI In ITSM Today

Companies around the world are utilising AI applications to enhance their procedures, optimise costs, avoid human mistakes, assist customers, improve customer experience, manage IT systems, …

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how to protect intellectual property

How to Protect Intellectual Property in Remote Workplace [2024 Guide]

The rise of remote work and the use of AI and digital collaboration tools have expanded the attack surface, making intellectual property more vulnerable than ever. Why? It’s because these tools often require the sharing and transfer of data, which can potentially be intercepted or accessed by unauthorised individuals.

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IT career

Byte Size Brilliance: Your Quick Guide of Resources to Elevate Your IT Career

As we wrap up an incredible year of valuable insights, training courses, and events for IT professionals like you, we’ve compiled a collection of resources specifically designed to support your professional growth and development – our finest resources!

Whether you’re a tech expert, service desk guru, or business analyst, we have your back.

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USA Contractors Power Design Inc achieve 4 star Service Desk Certification result

Power Design Inc is an innovative Design-Build, Multi-Trade Contractor operating across the United States, working across multiple construction trades. The company’s dedicated IT department consists of …

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spark conference

Spark Conference 2023 in Numbers [Infographic]

We hosted Spark23, our annual conference, only a month ago. We delivered an immersive experience that crossed the borders. Dive into ‘Spark23 in Numbers,’ our infographic capturing the essence of this unforgettable tech gathering!

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Unleashing the Power of Remote Support: LogMeIn Rescue’s Impressive ROI

In an era where remote work has become the new norm, organizations are continually seeking ways to enhance their IT infrastructure and support systems. One …

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