Unleashing the Power of Remote Support: LogMeIn Rescue’s Impressive ROI

Posted on Wednesday 22 November 2023.

In an era where remote work has become the new norm, organizations are continually seeking ways to enhance their IT infrastructure and support systems. One standout solution that has garnered attention is LogMeIn Rescue, built by GoTo, and its impact on the bottom line has been nothing short of remarkable. Forrester Consulting, a leading market research firm, recently conducted a comprehensive study interviewing IT executives to delve into the financial implications and benefits customers can achieve by leveraging Rescue. The results were so impressive that GoTo insisted on running the numbers twice!

A Resounding Success: 395% ROI in Three Years

The cornerstone of this study is the Return on Investment (ROI) achieved by organizations utilizing LogMeIn Rescue for remote support. The findings are staggering, revealing a three-year ROI of 395%. What’s even more impressive is the swift payback period—less than six months. This statistic underscores not only the effectiveness of LogMeIn Rescue but also its immediate positive impact on an organization’s financial health.

Unveiling the Numbers: A Closer Look at the Study

To gain deeper insights into the compelling results, the study offers a detailed breakdown of various key metrics. Here are some highlights:

1. Time to Payback Licensing LogMeIn Rescue

Understanding the time it takes for an investment to pay off is crucial for businesses, and LogMeIn Rescue shines in this aspect. The study provides comprehensive data on the time it takes for organizations to recoup their investment in LogMeIn Rescue licensing. The shorter the payback period, the quicker an organization can start reaping the benefits.

2. Enhancements to End-User Efficiency

Efficiency is the heartbeat of any organization, and LogMeIn Rescue contributes significantly to enhancing end-user efficiency. The study delves into specific examples and instances where Rescue has streamlined processes, enabling end-users to navigate technical challenges seamlessly.

3. Improvements to Help Desk Productivity

A robust help desk is integral to addressing and resolving IT issues promptly. LogMeIn Rescue’s impact on help desk productivity is a standout feature explored in the study. Learn how organizations have witnessed a boost in efficiency and a reduction in resolution times, leading to improved overall productivity.

4. Reduction in Site Visit Costs

Traditionally, on-site visits incurred significant costs for organizations. LogMeIn Rescue’s remote support capabilities have proven to be a game-changer in this regard. The study outlines real-world examples of organizations experiencing substantial reductions in site visit costs, contributing to the impressive ROI.


Take a Glimpse into Your Organization’s Future

The study’s findings are not just a testament to the success of LogMeIn Rescue but also an invitation for organizations to compare their own situations. The full study provides a wealth of information, allowing decision-makers to assess the potential impact of LogMeIn Rescue on their specific needs and challenges.

Conclusion: Empowering Organizations for a Remote Future

As remote work continues to evolve, the need for robust IT support solutions becomes increasingly vital. LogMeIn Rescue, with its exceptional ROI and rapid payback period, stands out as a powerful tool for organizations navigating the complexities of modern work environments. Download the full study and gain valuable insights into the transformative potential of LogMeIn Rescue, with features that simplify administration, redefine remote support, and prioritize safety, LogMeIn Rescue is more than just software – it’s a strategic investment in the efficiency and success of your IT support team.

Dive into a new era of service desk management and embrace the power of remote support and unlock new possibilities for your organization today. Your help desk transformation starts here!


Download the study



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