SDI Podcast Episode 3

Posted on Monday 9 September 2019.

At SDI, we love nothing more than putting a spotlight on service desks and individuals in the community who are doing amazing things! We thought… How can we create a platform to help share these fantastic experiences and journeys, often full of ups and downs?

Enter the SDI Podcast! Which is here to Surprise, Delight, and Inspire ! 


SDI Podcast Episode 3

Join Scarlett, Industry Analyst at SDI, and Hannah Price, Service Management Consultant at TOPdesk as they discuss gender equality in ITSM, touching on their experiences of being a woman in tech, including some of the struggles or barriers women in the industry can face, as well as some of the great things about it. They also talk about the perceptions of the industry that can put women off wanting to pursue a career in tech and the ways we, as industry professionals, can overcome this.

Notes from Scarlett:

Speaking with Hannah about Gender Equality in ITSM was such a joy, despite the subject matter of some of the conversation! I’ve seen Hannah speak about knowledge management at various events in recent years, and if you ever get the chance to attend an event she’s speaking at, I’d 100% recommend going. Not only is she a fantastic speaker and genuinely lovely human being, but she’s an example of a woman in tech who is tackling the “Old Boys Club” perception of IT and this is what the industry needs; role models who are inspiring and can get women excited about careers in tech and showcase the different types of roles available.

After sharing some of our experiences being women in tech, both having “fallen” into our industry, we talked about the perceptions of the industry and how that can play a factor in the gender imbalance we’re experiencing. Hannah also spoke about the more inspiring things about being a woman in tech and shares an optimistic outlook for the future.

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