The IT Service Desk Is In Safe Hands

Posted on Friday 27 January 2017.

by Tom West-Robinson.

Being a specialist IT Service Management Recruiter I interact with a large number of ITSM professionals on a daily basis, and I choose the word professional in exactly the right context.

So, for the avoidance of any doubt, as a recruiter, IT Service Delivery Managers, IT Managers and Directors ask me to source the best ITSM candidates for their open vacancies.   The most frequent requests we get are for that of Service Desk Analysts.

The One Group have a very good working relationship with Service Desk Institute (SDI), and I personally have had a close association with them over the last 7 years.

I was asked by SDI to be on the Judging panel for the Service Desk Analyst of the year award, where the shortlisted candidates presented to the panel on Friday 13th January 2017.

Now, let me put this into some perspective. The role of Service Desk Analyst for the most part is usually associated with IT professionals at the early part of their career. A role, that 99% of the time does not involve submitting written presentations, standing up and presenting in front of a panel of judges, and then enduring a 20 minute Q & A session.

Having been on the judging panel for the first time and having read all the paper submissions, seen the candidates presentations (some them with only a few years’ experience) and witnessed first-hand how they conduct themselves whilst being questioned by effectively three complete strangers I can only come to one conclusion.

The dedication, thought and, yes, I will use the word passion, for what they do was outstanding. Not just for their commitment to understand the ever-improving technology, but, also for their commitment to deliver great service to their customers.

You see, IT is not just about ‘fixing things’, IT is not just about ‘knowing your stuff’. It is about people, how we interact with people. The words we use, how we make people feel and how we keep them informed. In summary, how we ensure they can do their jobs, so they can interact with their people.

So, why I am writing this? you might be asking. What business benefit does this blog bring? Very little, other than to say that if what I witnessed is an accurate indication of the future, the frontline of your IT Service Desk is in, confident, capable and very safe hands.


About the author

As a recruitment consultant Tom puts advice and guidance at the top of the list, and ensures that people (not ‘candidates’) secure careers that are right for them.  A successful recruitment career plus 4.5 years working for an ITSM solutions provider where he was ITIL trained has provided Tom with a real life understanding of the ITSM niche.



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