Gentera’s IT Service Achieves SDI’s 3 Star Service Desk Certification

Posted on Wednesday 17 October 2018.

Leading financial inclusion company Gentera, based in Mexico, Peru and Guatemala, is the first organisation in Latin America to achieve a 3 star Certified Service Desk status.

Unique entrepreneur group, Gentera has 28 years experience in offering financial support services to disadvantaged communities with the aim of improving quality of life and promoting development opportunities. Formed in 1990, Gentera’s initial objective was to offer development initiatives to women with no other professional or financial support available to them.

Gentera promote three key social values in everything they do:

“We grow to offer inclusion opportunities to the largest number of people in the shortest time possible, sharing these benefits with the communities we operate in.”

“We trust people and their ability to grow, improve and fulfill their goals. We believe that financial education allows our clients to use financial services for their own benefit.”

“We build innovative, efficient and profitable commercial models that provide benefits to all parties involved.”

Valor socialValor humanoValor económico


The company now has over 17,000 staff spread across over 800 locations in Mexico, Peru and Guatemala and their IT Operation comprises around 80 team members reporting to the Service Desk Manager. They deal with 18,000 incidents a month and approx 40,000 service requests per month. The core hours of service are Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. For general services, the service desk operates a 24×7 service.

In April 2017, Gentera began their Service Desk Certification (SDC) journey with the two day assessment at their offices in Mexico City. Delivered by SDI’s Chief Transformation Officer and best practice auditor, Mauricio Corona, the two day assessment provided Gentera with a tailored report of observations and improvements to work towards before the next stage in the SDC programme; the Certification Audit.

The Certification Audit assesses the maturity of an IT Operation against SDI’s Global Standard Best Practice for service desks.  The output of the four day audit was an elaborate report for Gentera detailing recommendations from the auditors in line with industry best practice. It also offered detailed advice on opportunities for development of their CSI strategy.

During their Certification Audit, the Gentera service desk and support operation achieved an overall rating of 3.13. This rating verifies the achievement of attaining a customer led 3-star Service Desk Certification status. This is an extremely positive outcome and a direct result of Gentera’s dedication to continual service improvement and the adoption of best practice in order to deliver its strategy, vision and mission.

Dr. Mauricio Corona PhD, Service Desk Consultant & Auditor, Latin America

The Gentera team were recently presented with their SDC trophy at SDI’s Latin America Conference #SDI18MX. The goal for Gentera will be to maintain their 3 star ‘Customer-led’ maturity rating and, ideally, work towards increasing the rating to a 4 star ‘Business-led’ status at their surveillance audit in 12 months time. SDI would like to congratulate the whole team on this fantastic achievement and look forward to seeing their successes as their improvement journey continues.

Getting everyone on board with the Service Desk Certification programme can create a lot of energy and motivation within an IT Operation. It’s an opportunity to market the value of the service desk back into the organisation and to potential customer bases. Explore other SDC Success Stories >> 




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