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Based in Leeds UK, the internal service desk team at O2 Telefónica is comprised of 35 staff. They support 12,000 office and retail customers and deal with up to 20,000 incidents and requests per month through telephone, online, social media and mailbox channels. O2 Telefónica first engaged with SDI in 2008 when their dedication to providing continual service improvement steered them towards the SDC programme and their service desk was awarded customer-led three-star certification. Their strong commitment to brilliant service resulted in O2 Telefónica achieving four-star certification in 2010. Then in 2014, the O2 Telefónica service desk team met the five-star rating criteria and principles in their SDC audit that year. They also achieved outstanding scores in service delivery, staff morale and customer satisfaction.


The Challenge

Retain world class status through each surveillance audit

For O2 Telefónica to retain their world-class certification, they must ensure their service desk meets the five-star criteria and principles in each annual surveillance audit. The service desk team have faced various challenges since their first five-star certification award in 2014, such as organisational change, service desk departmental mergers and the implementation of new ITSM tools.


The Results

Achieving a five-star score for three years running

In July 2017 O2 Telefónica had their third surveillance audit to retain world class status. The audit revealed the continued excellence of this service desk site, particularly in their customer commitment, culture and people. Their consolidated service desk has also seen improvements in working practice, teamwork and staff morale.

Tessa Troubridge, CEO Service Desk Institute
“This is an achievement of which the whole team should be immensely proud. The 02 service desk has shone, with some incredible innovations and a brilliantly enthusiastic team that is engaged, focused and dedicated to delivering superior support. They have certainly set the standard that all service desks should aspire to.”


Continual Service Improvement

Staying at the forefront of industry best practice

The Global Best Practice Standard for Service Desk on which the SDC programme is based is formed on industry best practice and therefore is continually updated. In 2016 the Standard was updated to reflect current practices across the globe, resulting in many of the criteria being amended and new ones added. These changes meant service desks on the SDC programme had to adjust to ensure they met the updated Standard, however this did not stand in the way of Telefónica’s success in retaining their world class certification. Their five-star rated service desk team still demonstrate continual service improvement which stands at the forefront of their service desk team strategy.

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