Who is Air IT?

Air IT was founded in 2005 as a proactive IT Managed Service Provider. The founder of the company had worked as an IT manager at a time when most providers focused on a break-fix model of IT support, so he wanted to establish a new approach to IT services and support, which was client-focused and proactive. We’ve grown massively since then and we now offer managed services in cyber security, communications, business intelligence, business continuity and cloud computing.

Tell us about your service desk?

We work with over 1,250 clients across the UK, supporting them with all their technology needs. We now have 270 staff around the UK, more than 200 of whom are in service roles, and we’re looking forward to being able to implement SDI’s Global Best Practice Standard within our regional offices and teams.

When did you decide to pursue Service Desk Certification?

We had been longstanding members of SDI before joining the SDC programme. We joined in the summer of 2017 with the aim of finding the best ways to improve our service, by implementing the right processes and procedures, developing as a function and becoming more mature. In our first audit in 2018, we were so proud to achieve a 3-star customer-led rating, which we maintained for 3 years running.

How did you support the team to continue progressing?

The team have always been really enthusiastic about SDC and this year we really wanted to push for four stars. We made sure to keep the wider team involved during the process and continued to highlight the performance improvements it would make for our clients.

What were some of your key highlights and challenges?

The team are always committed to providing the best customer experience so it wasn’t difficult to motivate them and they were keen to get involved with the audit. Seeing feedback from clients in real-time is a great way to keep morale high as they can see the difference they’re making for people, our quarterly staff ‘Great People Awards’ are all based on client and colleague feedback. Preparing for an audit is challenging as it’s a big commitment, but it’s definitely worth the time and effort when you see the improvements and results. Some of the highlights were seeing the team getting so involved and witnessing how much more mature our business intelligence reporting has become.

What impact has SDC had on the team and wider business?

Over the years we’ve implemented lots of new processes and increased our maturity levels, so customers have naturally seen an improved level of service. It’s also helped with employee satisfaction. This has been reflected in the feedback we have received from customers, which has been a real boost for staff morale. In terms of the wider business SDC has given us a really unique offering as an MSP and shows people how committed we are to excellent customer service.

What future plans do you have for the service operation?

We’ll certainly be looking to retain our 4-star certification for the next couple of years, before potentially working towards 5 stars in the future. Now that Air IT is expanding across the UK, it would be great to get other service desks across the Group involved with the SDC programme too. The whole Service Delivery team are so proud – they are really invested in the SDC scheme and it feels like a personal achievement. It’s been a great morale booster across all departments of the business as well. It was great to celebrate with the whole company recently at our annual company festival- looking back at how far we’ve come over the years and looking forward to the future!

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Watch AIR IT’s celebration video here 

Questions about Certification?

Learn more about becoming Certified by downloading the SDC Brochure or contact our team via live chat, or by calling +44 (0)1689 889100 




The first step in the SDC programme is the Service Desk Assessment, a two day evaluation of the current maturity of your service, this can be delivered virtually or in-person.

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