About IT Lab

IT Lab is one of the largest technology and managed services providers in the UK providing end-to-end IT solutions across all sectors. The Support Services team is located primarily in London, Woking and Cape Town South Africa plus engineers working remotely in Australasia. The service desk team is made up of 125 people and processes just under 14,000 incidents and service requests per month.


The Challenge

IT Lab were keen to measure their service performance against industry standard. In 2014 the company went through a period of rapid growth and realised they needed to adapt with the market in accordance with best practice industry standards. IT Lab engaged SDI as a partner for their improvement journey to help ensure that Support Services was aligned to business demand. The service desk team wanted to benchmark their current position, understand how they were positioned in their sector and identify any gaps in relation to service delivery.

“We needed to adapt with the market and ensure we were aligned to business demand.”


The Solution

Partner with SDI and involve all team members

  • IT Lab started their certification journey in 2014 with solid support from a senior level
  • The SDC programme allowed service desk managers to engage with all team members and emphasise that they needed to be part of the solution
  • Certification not only highlighted areas in need of more collaboration but also facilitated this by extending beyond the boundaries of the service desk and across the business
“The journey has been a thrilling one. We felt supported by SDI and there was an honest dialogue throughout the entire process.”


The Results

Improved collaboration and preparation for further growth

  • Inter-team collaboration and engagement improved and the service desk now feels better prepared for continued growth
  • IT Lab reached their target of achieving 3 star certification in 2015
  • The whole Support Services team felt valued and this was reflected in high scores in the People and Management and Managing People Satisfaction concept scores
“As the manager of the Support Services team, I am supremely proud of my entire team and their commitment through this process. The highlight has definitely been to have reached our target as a team.”

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