Capita SIMS works with more than 21,000 schools. Their large service desk are regular guests at the SDI conference. SDI spoke with Head of User Support, Simon Brunger, to find out why they find SDI membership invaluable.

Membership type: Corporate

Members since: 1992

Why SDI?

I was introduced to SDI nine years ago by our Service Desk Manager at the time. We were Gold members and it was at the conference in Brighton that I realised what SDI could offer – I can honestly say the experience blew me away. It was a huge eye opener – I remember going back to the office totally enthused.

What being a member means?

I truly believe being a member of SDI has made a massive difference. We have twice been in the final of the large team award (2009 and 2010). Doing the submission forced us to look at our processes in detail and re-examine what we do and what we can improve on. SDI has put structure to that and helped guide us in the right direction. Membership also gives us access to a pool of talent, experience and contacts within the industry.

Membership Resources

SDI has some fantastic membership resources and I encourage my team to use them all. I personally use the online resources and free event places. I also find attending the conference a huge energiser and I always come away full of fresh ideas. We also use the SDI trainers to provide foundation training to our new 1st liners.

Being part of a community

Being part of a community allows us to keep abreast of what is happening in the industry. We can find out what’s new, both in terms of products and best practice, and see what others are doing. This helps us to ensure we are providing the best possible service to our customers. It can also provide reassurance that we are on the right track. We enjoy sharing our ideas and seeing others adapt them to their own environment.

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