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About Your Company

  • Briefly describe the role of the service desk within your company?

First point of contact for our customers to IT services – available by phone, email, chat

  • How many people are there on your service desk?


About The Role

  • What was the role that you sourced through SDR?

Service Desk Analysts

  • Why did you choose to use SDR?

Following a recent restructure of our IT services, we had twelve vacancies on our Service Desk and chose not to use our normal recruitment process (as it was such a large number) and decided to use a service that would carry out some pre-selection for us

  • What was it like working with SDR?

The process ran very smoothly

  • How did you find the quality of the candidates sourced by SDR?

We have recruited some excellent analysts, and there were a number of other very good candidates offered which we also could have appointed

  • How well did SDR meet your brief?

Very well

In Your Opinion

  • What is the one attribute for any candidate to have?

Enthusiasm and engagement with the job

  • What is the worst thing that you have seen on an application?

Lack of information

  • When interviewing a candidate what is the first thing you notice?

Personal appearance

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