Webinar: Automating and Refining Service Desk Processes

How are service desks automating and refining Service Desk Processes?

Automation can play a key role in improving the consistency and efficiency of the service management process, speeding up workflows while reducing unnecessary human intervention (and associated costs). But without a solid strategy in place and a firm grasp on the tools and principles that make automation tick, performance improvement and cost-savings will remain out of reach for any service team.

This webinar discusses the key considerations and benefits of automating processes and uncover some of the ways real organisations are successfully leveraging automation to improve their service.

Presented by:

David Wright, Chief Value and Innovation Officer, SDI 

Quentin McPhee, Senior ITSM Manager, Vivantio


Catch up with the recording below for actionable insights on how automation can streamline processes and improve performance for your service desk:

Brought to you in partnership with Vivantio.

Vivantio is a leader in help desk, IT service management and customer service software, empowering service teams to embrace automation and improve service levels at hundreds of organizations around the world. www.vivantio.com


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