Webinar: 5 Remote Support Tips To Drive Customer Service Excellence

5 Remote Support Tips To Drive Customer Service Excellence

This webinar took place on 8 September 2020

With a growing number of internal and external challenges faced by support teams including an increasing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices to support and more organisations implementing BYOD strategies, support teams are constantly asked to do more with less yet need to continue to deliver excellent customer service.

Watch this webinar recording to understand how to effectively utilise your Remote Support tools to successfully address these challenges and deliver excellent customer service, whilst reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.

Watch the webinar recording

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Key take-aways:

1. Understand the internal and external challenges support teams face today
2. Hear 5 Top Tips on how to utilise your remote support service to successfully address these
3. Identify the key features and functionality of your Remote Support service to enable you to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and delight customers


Damien Brown, BeyondTrust

Damien is a Lead Solutions Engineer at BeyondTrust, the worldwide leader in Privileged Access Management, offering the most seamless approach to preventing data breaches related to stolen credentials, misused privileges, and compromised remote access. Having worked in the IT industry for over 20 years Damien has gained a wealth of experience in infrastructure and applications that integrate PAM solutions effectively into organisations in order to secure their environment.


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