Virtual Event: Customer-Centric Performance Metrics, May 2021

Customer requirements are changing rapidly but, do our performance metrics tell the full story? Performance metrics can indicate ROI on services and new processes yet, they do not always reflect the customer’s experience.
At this event, our speakers explained why traditional metrics are not as useful as we may think- there is more to the customer experience than meeting targets.
Watch the live sessions here!

Proactive Problem Management and the impact on Customer Satisfaction

3 steps to delivering delightful employee experiences, that you can measure

Anirudh Garudangiri, IBM India
Nirmal Krishnamoorthy,  Freshworks 

Mindset Change

An Outsider’s View of Performance

Dean Underwood, Sophos
Abol Froushan, The Camelot Network

Working Together to Support Excellence

Customer Experience Metrics: Industry Overview

James Moulding,  Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
Scarlett Bayes, Senior Industry Analyst, Service Desk Institute

Measuring and Managing the Customer Experience

Humans Are The Best Sensors

Jeff Rumburg, CEO,  MetricNet, LLC.
Sami Kallio, CEO, HappySignals

XLAs - A Wolseley Journey

Capturing the Customer's Voice

Mark Abbott, Wolseley
Dana Alvarenga, Director, CX, SlapFive

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