Realising ROI From Self-Service Technologies

According to SDI’s industry leading research, there has been a significant increase in the adoption of self-service technologies over the last few years. Industry practitioners and professionals believe this adoption will grow in the future so they advise investing in new tools and technology to enable organisations to deliver even better IT services.


Unique Industry Intelligence

SDI’s latest report on self-service technologies has been created using unique statistics gathered direct from service desk industry practitioners. In-depth and detailed, this report analyses the factors that have a direct impact on the success of self-service implementation so that both organisations can identify where and how to improve.

Download this report in order to find out how to:

  • realise a tangible return on investment from self-service technology
  • increase the success of your company’s service offering

Can you demonstrate ROI on your service?

The first of its kind, this powerful research unlocks what makes self-service successful and shows how a tangible ROI can be recognised from this key IT service. As well as identifying the common factors of the most successful implementations, the report also highlights why some service desks fail.

Download the the report in order to understand how service desks can:

  • move to higher levels of ROI
  • encourage customer adoption
  • maintain usage of the service
  • improve customer value

How can I get my hands on the report?

To access the report today, simply add to your basket and checkout for just £95 + VAT.

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