Virtual Event: Managing Knowledge Across the Enterprise, December 2022

Managing Knowledge Across the Enterprise –

Virtual Event (on-demand)


Explore why knowledge is critical for the future of IT service!


Watch this virtual event on-demand to hear real first hand experiences of those who have implemented and improved their own knowledge management processes and tools, as well as top tips to help you work through your service desk’s specific needs and priorities.


Watch the sessions on our SDI BrightTalk channel:


Doug Rabold, Senior Manager of Customer Support, Amwell & Chairman of the Board, HDI


Boost Employee (EX) & Client Experience (CX) Through Knowledge Centered Mindset

Patrycja Sobera, Global VP, End User Experience & Mariana De Leon, Director of Knowledge Function Services, Unisys


Delivering prescriptive product related knowledge to a large customer community

Chris Shakespeare, Principal Portfolio Manager – Technology Workflows, ServiceNow


Why KM Coaching Should Be Your Important Ingredient!

Pawan Khatawane, Tech Lead – Knowledge Management, Nestlé


TOPdesk’s Guide to Knowledge Management

George Andrikopoulos, Consultant, TOPdesk

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