It is our pleasure to bring you this free e-book on Business Value Drivers authored by Simon Kent, business value coach. We hope you enjoy it!

Business Value Drivers are one of the most critical aspects of our understanding of Business Value.

As IT and Digital Professionals we are intrinsically involved in the co- creation of Business Value via technology. In order for us to co-create that value for our businesses and organisations we have to know what the business is focused upon to support its purpose and vision.

Businesses and organisations of all varieties across the planet will cascade their purpose and vision into a mission that incorporates the advancement across specific areas of their business and organisation.

These specific areas are known as Business Value Drivers.

Download your copy here:

Free E-Book: Common Business Value Drivers


For more from Simon Kent on business value, tune in to our brand new series of short on demand videos at SDI’s YouTube channel or visit the SDI blog on value.

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