About your Company:


· Summarize what your company does (in a sentence)?

Cubic Transportation Systems is a leading integrator of payment and information technology and services to create intelligent travel solutions for transportation authorities and operators.

· Briefly describe the role of the service desk within your company?

Within the role of Service Desk Technician you will manage and resolve queries from our customers in the transportation sector including TfL (Transport for London). You will provide a high quality, first line diagnosis and resolution service via phone and email.

· How many people are there on your service desk?

1 Service Operations Manager, 3 Service Desk Supervisors & 28 Service Desk Technicians.


About The Role:


· What was the role that you sourced through SDR?

Service Desk Technician

· Why did you choose to use SDR?

We were struggling to source strong, local candidates who were happy to work and operate within a 24/7 Service Desk. As our Company uses the Service Desk Institute to train our new employees within our Service Centre we felt they would be able to help find exactly what we wanted.

· What was it like working with SDR?

Easy – strong communication lines, happy to receive feedback and used this to improve the service. Always available to listen.

· How well did SDR meet your brief?

SDR took great consideration to meet the brief and if there were any variations they would ensure that this was communicated. They took the time to explain their trail of thought to myself to better understand their decisions and the candidates.


In Your Opinion:


· What is the one attribute for any candidate to have?

Enthusiasm for the role and Company

· What is the worst thing that you have seen on an application?

A statement indicating that although they possessed no experience that they had good skills. The statement was negatively worded and made the candidate appear to have given up before they even started in their job search.

· When interviewing a candidate what is the first thing you notice?




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