Virtual Service Desk Assessment

SDI now delivers the popular ‘Service Desk Assessment’ virtually.

The virtual assessment provides you with a benchmark of your current service performance, based on the latest global best practice. You then receive a personalized report and roadmap mapping out the best strategy for you to reach your service goals.

This two day Assessment is conducted as part of the Service Desk Certification programme but it can now also be delivered as a service in itself. This assessment can be used to work towards Certification, or to provide you with objective feedback on your service maturity level and as a service improvement guide.
The Virtual Assessment measures the maturity of your service desk against the Global Best Practice Standard for Service Desk, to give you a fair and independent evaluation of your service delivery.
Following the Virtual Assessment you will be provided with a current evaluation of your service desk’s strengths and weaknesses, plus a tailored report on key areas for development. Use the evaluation of your strengths to prove the value of your service to your customers and the wider business. Use the personalised road map for improvement to address key areas for development and transform your service!

Virtual Service Desk Assessment £4,500

You can now book your Virtual Service Desk Assessment online:

I thoroughly enjoyed the two day assessment and so did everyone in attendance. While it showed us that a large amount of work needed to be done, the positives also highlighted -gave us the energy to move forward...It felt like two days of consultancy rather than being assessed.

How does it work?

Carried out by an SDI accredited auditor, the Virtual Assessment comprises a series of virtual interviews and online screen sharing observations with the service desk team, including key stakeholders including customers. The output of the virtual assessment is exactly the same as when the Assessment happens on-site. The on-site Assessment usually costs £4,000 (in the UK).
The questions asked will be centered on the nine concepts in the Best Practice Standard:
• Leadership
• Policy and Strategy
• People Management
• Resources
• Processes and Procedures
• Managing Employee Satisfaction
• Managing the Customer Experience
• Management Information and Performance Results
• Corporate Social Responsibility

What else do I need to know?

The Virtual Assessment is designed to provide an organisation with a baseline of its current service operation measured against each of the nine concepts from the SDI Best Practice Standard. It helps an organisation to identify areas for improvement to existing operations and highlights the possible risk factors that need addressing. It is important to understand that the Virtual Service Desk Assessment alone is not a substitute for a complete and thorough full Certification Audit (from the Service Desk Certification programme) and does not provide the service desk with a star rating or Certified status.
See Terms of Service for booking the Assessment online.

Questions about SDC or the Virtual Service Desk Assessment?

Use the form on this page to ask us anything about SDC or the Assessment. Or feel free to contact one of our friendly advisers on +44 (0)1689 889100. 

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