The Best Practice Series - Service Desk Processes

Refined Processes Make Service Desks Successful

SDI’s experience of working with hundreds of service desks and auditing them against the global Service Desk Standard highlights that the most successful service and support operations are those that continuously work to refine the processes that underpin the services they deliver. Doing this ensures that they are at their most efficient and provide the most business value.

When Did You Last Update Your Processes?

However, we also know from experience  that, for many service desks, the processes they use have changed little since their implementation while the technologies and tools they use – and most likely the people using them – will have changed significantly.

As an industry, service management moves exceptionally quickly so it makes sense for service desk processes to continually evolve and adapt to match these developments. In this new series of Best Practice reports, SDI looks at the key concepts of The Global Best Practice Service Desk Standard 7.0 and expands on that area to offer inspiration and practical advice for service improvement.

About This Report

This Best Practice guide is intended to serve as a reminder about the importance of processes to service desks and to provide inspiration for revisiting and refreshing key processes at regular intervals, according to Concept 5 of the Global Best Practice Service Desk Standard 7.0: Service Desk Processes And Procedures, to ensure they are at their optimum level which is essential to delivering desired business outcomes.

Concept 5 of the Standard states:

“The IT support organisation must have processes and procedures in place that reflect actual working practices needed to be successful. These must be defined, documented, measurable and communicated and accessible to stakeholders, and understood by those who manage and those who execute them.”



Download this report and you will:


  • Uncover the full best practice standard for ‘Concept 5 – Processes and Procedures’
  • Understand how your service desk rates in terms of maturity in this area
  • Find a full report on how to increase the effectiveness of a service desk’s incident categorisation
  • Find a full report on how to identify and eliminate problematic processes

How Do I Get This Report?

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