SDI Coffee Break Series: Path Out Of Covid-19

The Path Out of COVID-19

Creating the Blueprint for Digital Service Transformation

As the economy struggles to return to work en-masse, the innovators are already re-thinking their business models, operations, and their customer and employee engagement for the post-COVID era.

IT is at a time unlike any other in history and must find new ways to innovate, disrupt and use technology to deliver services more effectively, while extracting every ounce of efficiency from existing resources. The previous pedestrian rate of change no longer cuts it.

In a series of lively debates Hornbill and SDI discuss the key challenges the organisations must embrace to thrive in their path out of COVID.

Join Hornbill Chief Evangelist, Patrick Bolger for a series of seven on demand vlogs with SDI’s Chief Value Officer, David Wright, as they debate the key stages organizations must undertake to adapt and a compelling on demand podcast with SDI Chairman Paul Rodrigues and Hornbill CEO Gerry Sweeney as they discuss the imperative for true transformation and industry innovation.

Business Leader Podcast: The imperative for transformation and innovation as work returns

Episode 1: The impact of COVID on the ITSM market and what to expect going forward

Episode 2: The pandemic response - what could have been done differently?

Episode 3: Stabilization and how successful organizations are adapting

Episode 4: Remote working, collaboration and the new challenges for IT

Episode 5: Digital solutions fit for the new normal - self-service and ESM

Episode 6: Escaping the firefighting loop with shift-left, automation and integration

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