Virtual Event: The CX Transformation Playbook, January 2023

The CX Transformation Playbook –

Virtual Event (on-demand)


Gain a complete understanding of the CX, DEX and XLAs in practice! 


Watch this virtual event on-demand for insight into how industry experts are enhancing CX and EX as well as making XLAs a reality!


Watch the sessions on our SDI BrightTalk channel:


Alan Nance, Co-Founder and President, XLA Collab



How Experience Management Can Influence Your IT Strategy

Mark Butcher, Senior Service Delivery Manager, Wiley



How does conversational AI change the Service Desk experience?

Bertrand Lafforgue, Co-Founder and CEO, Konverso



X-rays don’t fix broken bones

Jonathan Hawkes, Senior Consultant – Workplace Experience Consulting, HCL Technologies



Digital Transformation is All Human – Mindset, Vision & Measurement

Sabine Schmidt, Head of Global IT Helpdesk & Digital Support Services, ABN AMRO Bank


7 Practical Use Case Examples of Experience Management to Turn XLAs a Reality

Sami Kallio, CEO and Co-founder, HappySignals


Demystifying the XLA unicorn

Amanda Rutledge, Global Process Owner-Incident Request Management & Jacki Simmonds, Global Head of IT Service Management, QBE


Co-Creation of Value: How to create IT Experiences that people actually enjoy

Matt Beran, Host of Ticket Volume podcast & IT Industry Analyst


How to introduce a Tech Bar and improve end user experience

Nick Osborne, Head of Corporate IT, Hargreaves Lansdown

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